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SÁB. 9 Maio - 6º Aniversário Village em

On Saturday May 9, VU celebrates its 6th anniversary with a broadcast at - 6 hours of music, theatre plays, dance, live painting, cocktails & snacks. Starts at 5pm.

The broadcast #6AnosVillageUnderground showcase a series of talents from a variety of artistic backgrounds.

Benjamim, Roundhouse Kick, Nelassassin, Studio Bros, Satelite b2b Danykas, Gustavo, Felix daCat, Anestetic DJ are the headliners that demonstrate already the mix and quality of the music. From the ‘analogue pop’ of Benjamin’s songs to the Quinta do Mocho kuduru party with Studio Bros, passing by the versatile and always unique performce by Batida - this time presenting a new format as Batida presents: Fake Staff. Plus the afro-house sounds of the couple Satelite and Danykas , the good and classic hip hop from Nelassassin, the safe harbour of the most beautiful 4x4 of Gustavo and Felix daCat, the synthesizers of the duo Roundhouse Kick and the psy trance of Anestetic DJ.

The theatre performances includes 3 plays from some of the most exciting new writers and actors from the theatre scene in Portugal. There´s dance brought by the Collective Orchidaceae , live painting by Observ, cocktails by Constança at Toca da Raposa and in the kitchen the masterful creations from our resident chef Frederico Leitão.

Stay home, check your internet connection and speakers, pop up the volume and get ready for an afternoon full of surprises.

All artists will be paid with the donations during the broadcast. All in


A festa do nosso sexto aniversário é Sábado 9 de Maio mas num formato diferente e adequado à nova realidade. Será em

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